cyber  service security


A.I. Artificial intelligence

The criminals on the Internet have different agendas – from classic industrial espionage to locking data and demanding a ransom to release it or destroying important infrastructure such as the power grid. The Center for Cyber Security has upgraded the risk assessment for cyber attacks.

 the next generation of Cyber Security.

Cyber attacks are today one of the biggest threats to companies, and they are happening more and more frequently, not least because of the current international situation. Hackers are constantly finding new ways to attack and new business models. Today, they don’t just shut down a company or blackmail it, but sell the company’s information on the black market.

The door is open

If the hackers want in, they will. Today, you no longer need to be an IT expert to hack an organization, because you can find programs on the web that can bring down a company, and we will see even more attacks in the future.

cyber service security

Detect the criminal activity and block it. Not by a wall but by detecting the activity by A.I. Artificial Intelligence.

We got the software solution.      

Got you

cyber service got you

”Gotta catch ’em all”



Capgemini Research Institute analyzed the role of AI in cybersecurity and their report  strongly suggests strengthening cyber service security defenses with AI is urgent for modern enterprises.

Humans aren’t capable of handling the growing complexities on their own, so sooner or later, the use of AI becomes inevitable.


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